This family

This family The family is capable and it has to appear between it and the hostile world, protect it and save his consciousness from splitting, from painful division.

This family failed, did not protect the young consciousness did not sustain, broke up.

Psychosurgery Less all psychological assistance and psychotherapy resemble surgery: and ways of impact on an illness, and degree of danger of mental disorders to human life all this is, as a rule, incomparable.

However there are cases when circumstances compel also the psychotherapist to work so resolutely that becomes clear: not such our bloodless occupation; it is necessary to cut sometimes on live, without anesthesia.

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There it is possible

There it is possible In this country Day of your birth is constantly celebrated, to you are always glad, and all play games which you want to play.

There show movies where you can get on the screen and to become the participant of an adventure.

There are trees on which spaghettis together with sauce grow.

There it is possible to meet chocolate plants, candy flowers, and bushes on which it is possible to grow up anything.

In this country there is a huge platform for games where you can play any game what can only come to your mind.

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The speech

The speech One children in four years have a speech already absolutely pure, another manage not all, but in general the pronunciation improves.

At fouryear age the monological speech arises, but really the child masters a monologue by five years.

Five years are an important stage in development of the little person.

The speech of the fiveyearold child is various, substantial, colourful.

He can already attentively listen to adults, analyze and establish relationships of cause and effect.

The phrase becomes more developed and competent.

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Especially And also persistently resists changes in the habitual schedule.

Our children fitting this definition had moderate and heavy degrees of autism.

My experience with children with heavy autism showed that ethological approach supervision over behavior of the child is extremely useful.

It is convincingly confirmed also by Tinbergen, and, later, John Richer.

Especially I was interested by the concept of behavior approach / distance at the child with autism.

It is possible to see obviously how the child avoids social interaction.

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There is one more

There is one more Because linear concept of Ewo p, trying to explain a divergence of types with pomo iin.

it ideas of adaptation and heredity, and also aspiration I eat to a sovsrshetgstvo, more insufficiently.

There is one more and and not simple aspiration to a survival, and aspiration to .


combining general efforts thus, they work for achievement of a common goal.

And in the child besides the vital aspiration To be formed and reach perfection has to be still one pel, a natural duty, something that it has to To do I in service to a whole.

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The majority

The majority We reach before that at all we do not hear it and instead we develop at ourselves a habit to concentrate attention to information, arriving to us from the outside that with its help to direct the behavior.

The majority of ideas of that, properly to arrive to the good to the parent, just also are those; they proceed from society, but not from you, not from your own common sense.

Ignoring of the internal voice is so standard that becomes a habit, and the person becomes capable to hear and care about that is necessary for other people, but does not hear and does not pay attention on own needs and requirements.

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Sometimes This assurance should be repeated repeatedly.

Everyday ordinary situations, such as leaving of the child under supervision of the babysitter, can provoke at it fear that the parent will never return.

Sometimes the child can be calmed, having told him where you are going to go and having left phone number on which he can call.

Sometimes it seems to children that divorce happened on their fault.

The child can think that his disobedience compelled the father to leave the house, or that mother and the father dispersed because argued on his bad behavior much.

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