This idea

This idea They say that during this period the child starts imitating life.

This idea in itself not it is new because always say about children that they imitate senior.

But this very superficial remark.

Today on nyatno that before starting imitating, it is necessary for the child first of all to understand.

According to old representations, all, that is required from adults it to behave usually, and children, imitating them, will grow and will do also.

On it our responsibility came to an end.

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We We can watch

We We can watch They were also found in alluvial deposits, Brought by water from mountain tops.

Undoubtedly, it were The th Ghanaians of animals who helped to create the land.

We We can watch them this occupation and now on myriads the orallovy islands growing as if flowers, on obshir ny ocean open spaces.

These remains autographs of army in of ilmyapny builders which prepared revival World and period of its destruction.

Number of new proofs and researches constantly gt II.

The form of a terrestrial surface cannot be attributed innp, to work of a wind and water, it is necessary to add to it vnieeipennoye influence of animals, plants and person.

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Christian Any could think that this child the Hindu, has to be, inherited such love to animals.

Other child attracted with this scene approached, saw an ant, stepped on him and crushed.

This the second the child was the Muslim.

Christian child, perhaps, would arrive also or would pass indifferently by.

Also was is quite admissible to think that feeling of a barrier between The convincing proof to it is provided in the book: Ruth Benedict.

Patterns of Culture.

New York, Iodmi and animals from whom the belief that follows shchobv and mercies deserve only people, is still One example of heredity.

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Paris, English

Paris, English It was shown the Dutch biologist De Friz, and we find parallels to it in psychological development of the child the fact, Gezell forward to the book: The Embryology of Behaviour.

New York and Lon don, hard J.


, Dr.

Rapports et Memoires sur le Savage de l'Aveyron, 'idiotie et la Surdi mutite.

Paris, English translation: George and Muriel Humphrey, New York, Cen tury, convincing us that a human nature of everything I isdut to the general laws of life.

It follows from this that maturing is something bigger, than the simple sum of influence of the genes operating in it is limited the ny period of time , as, besides influence of genes, there is an influence of environment, according to They act with Gory.

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All children

All children What did Anton tell at school?

In what mood Anton came from school?

Than Anton was proud?

Whether Anton's act opened?

This year we decided to celebrate my birthday in McDonald's.

I invited five friends.

On a holiday table there was a lot of tasty food.

We ordered fishburger, chisburger, maknaggetsa, ice cream, Coca.

All were full.

And still showed us the whole representation.

All children made different numbers.

All of us won prizes, and I received a great lot of excellent gifts.

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And than

And than They for a long time will remain in your memory, and what you did, you will feel is unique prekrasno.

You can imagine now as you get up and do that you nuzhno.

And than to you should be engaged, you can imagine that perform the work with pleasure.

It is so remarkable!

And it is so joyful to know that will be so good.


Perhaps, I will draw something after that told Endrea thoughtfully.

Also I will make it with pleasure.

And I will play the riddle Annie told.

I now see myself behind this game.

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When the lexicon

When the lexicon For example, the word drink can designate a request to give a cup, to give juice etc.

And since one and a half years the kid uses the offers consisting of two words: I want lyat I want to walk.

When the lexicon of the child reaches on average words, the number of phrases increases at once.

However in most cases the kid builds phrases incorrectly, without pretexts and the unions, and it is difficult to understand some offers.

By the end of the second year of life in the active dictionary of the kid words which it uses already words.

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