When the child

When the child Discuss and decide together how to make such campaigns safe for physical and sincere health.

If these conditions are not met a penalty house arrest very effectively.

When the child understands and children quickly understand it that you are not going to stop his initiative, what not against researches of the world, but simply are concerned about his / her safety the child will not revolt.

It is better to transfer all the rest from the serious and instructive plan in a game form.

For example, insist especially as the child usually not against that took with itself the mobile phone even can agree as often you contact, for example each minutes.

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He sat down

He sat down The fly came across to a spider a lunch.

The spider to production began to bustle.

The spider by a lunch hurries.

The spider line shakes, the fly tries to depart.

Yes only from a spider line to it not to escape.

Than the spider is occupied?

Who got to a spider line?

What does the fly do?

Alyosha had a tasty cake.

He sat down at a window and began to eat.

Suddenly hears, behind a window noise.

Alyosha in a window looked and there the big car passed.

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Hold your

Hold your We anyway mentioned all these ideas in the previous heads, so they will not be absolutely new to you.

Consider them one now for another to bring itself into the corresponding state of mind before to address to concrete instructions on persistence development, which will be stated in three following heads.

Hold your purposes in consciousness Experiencing difficulties in the relations between you and your child, remember in what your main goal consists.

You want: To be happier.

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Therefore But often she did not manage to make it.

Annie madly was afraid that if she will take to herself to the house one of the girlfriends, the father can come drunk and start shouting in all throat, to brawl, and, in general, to behave as mad.

Annie thought that if such happens she will simply die on the spot with shame.

Therefore she never brought nobody home.

Of course, it is difficult to find friends when you cannot invite anybody to yourself, but Annie considered that it is better not to have friends at all, than all the time to shake with fear that someone from them will come and will see her father when it cannot stand on nogakh.

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And now answer

And now answer Correctly mother told.

And now answer me such question: if two boys approached you and one of them would look so mother Annie smiled and looked her in eyes, and another here so and she stooped and looked down with what of them you would prefer to play?

Of course with the first Annie told.

With what smiled and to which, apparently, I was pleasant.

Yes mother told.

I think that most of people would agree with you.

She kept silent for about a minute.

Now it continued I am going to ask you very important question, and I am sure that you will be able to answer it.

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To a question: Who with

To a question: Who with Then there is an exchange of delicacies or all this turns into one general entertainment, the general pleasure.

Here one more tasty game, it is called vinaigrette.

To a question: Who with whom is ready to divide a meal?

, there are groups of children and parents.

On one person from each group it is invited to a table on which sacks with unknown food lie: candies, mocheny garlic, lemon, melon slice … The essence in that, fading to be able to divide both a tasty, and tasteless fate.

And to be glad to the unexpected.

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Even on this, later, Kevin's behavior

Even on this, later, Kevin's behavior But I never gave in and carried out its wish, only if he tells I.

The Rigidnost weakened it, and some months later he started speaking about himself in the first person, and always, and not just in the musical room.

Even on this, later, Kevin's behavior indicated stages by times certain conflicts or problems which he faced at home.

At such moments he could choose a form of a tacit protest against communication, for example avoided to look in the face, was disconnected and became reserved.

Nevertheless, despite the resistance to changes and manipulative behavior, Kevin showed versatile musical abilities.

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