The absorbing

The absorbing Such is the child!

Be it differently, the mankind would not reach stability in uniform part of the globe; the civilization could not to carry out the continuous development, if every time it had to begin all over again.

The absorbing reason forms a basis of society, is created foot the person, and we see him in appearances mild malen whom the child who resolves incomprehensible difficulties mankind thanks to gift of love.

Having studied the child it is better, than we did it still, we let's open love in all its manifestations.

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Let's begin

Let's begin Let's begin again we clap ourselves on knees: It seems marvel, marvel two times make a helpless gesture Oliver Twist, Twist two times we show on ourselves, Cannot neither sit down, nor sit down we stand up two times and we sit down, Cannot neither rise, nor rise we get up two times and we sit down, To clap, in palms we clap two times.

Let's begin again, again we clap ourselves on knees two times: It seems marvel, marvel, marvel three times make a helpless gesture Oliver Twist, Twist, Twist three times we show on ourselves, Cannot neither sit down, nor sit down, sit down we stand up three times and we sit down, Cannot neither rise, nor rise, rise we get up three times and we sit down, To clap, in palms, in palms we clap three times.

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It is very

It is very Do not execute for failures.

It is very important.

Failures happen at everyone and if too strongly for it to reproach the child, he will cease to believe that at him it will turn out.

He will feel the helplessness and will wave on himself and the habit a hand: I smoke?

Well and good!

All the same at me it will not turn out.

Understand together why the child broke, think how to make that more such did not occur.

Teach the child to study on mistakes and on failure to look as at annoying incident which repeats less frequently.

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It gave

It gave But, probably, the biggest talent of the donator allocated Maksimilian Voloshin in due time.

It gave not only subjects, spaces, the sea, acquaintance with each other, the world of meetings of different people, but the acceptance gave much the whole warehouse of destiny or its sudden turn.

Marina Tsvetaeva wrote about what thanks to Voloshin's openness and those surprising stone and sea months which she spent at it, she gained the openness to people which put further its poetic frontage to the world in its most difficult years.

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It reminds

It reminds Each stage of the creative and and in has this dual nature.

Fight, fear some Failure can have incalculable consequences, as I and Mitch on these obstacles is absorbed by consciousness in the same lopi as positive results of progress.

It reminds Vtnechatok on a photographic plate who is turning out in re silt i, pussycats of dispersion of a light stream which is shown and I, i house subsequent picture.

Thus, during this period Y we galkivatsya by I not only with usual formation harak sh, but also with possible formation certain it is time lump of development or deviations of the personality which will appear ii.

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Regardless Providing love of this sort to the child the most important that you can to make for it or for it.

And in a sense you already did all this for many years.

Regardless of that, your experiences apropos are how negative at present, you would have no child of any relations with it at all or with it if in their basis there would be no initial care of others as people.

However and this type of love can be hidden at parents behind others in the ways of behavior connected mainly with any duties.

Therefore we will tell you, properly to show such love in relation to your child.

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Collecting Collecting information, keep in mind that teenagers take great pain to diminish the experience!

What to do The main thing to find out that pushed the teenager that became a provocative factor for it, and to take measures according to it.


Now it is necessary to find alternative option of a solution.

For example, if the person was forced persuaded, it is necessary to strengthen character: to fulfill skills of refusal, that is ability to tell in time is not present!

I do not want!

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