However the frustration

However the frustration The main frustration arising at patients with schizophrenia is ambivalence, a duality of motives, emotions, perceptions, thoughts the word, that in the ordinary speech is called as split personality.

The classical psychiatry believes that the nature of schizophrenia is exclusively endogenous that is it is generated by the internal reasons.

However the frustration similar endogenous, arise and mentally healthy people during the crisis periods have lives.

Similarity of the mental disorders peculiar to teenage age, to the schizophrenic was noticed by many psychologists and psychopathologists.

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Your daughter

Your daughter I thought of distance and I want to look as far as was it is exact.

Your daughter Marcia already several times for the last half an hour tried to enter in a bathroom and every time noticed that all of you still there.

Mother that you there you do?

at last she speaks nearly for the first time she asked you, why you so long take a bath.

I take a foamy bath and I eat an omelet with popcorn which I to myself made, you speak.

All this a little mentally ill people acts; we ask you to make them it is more and to develop actually at itself a habit to do them it is constant.

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Let's nod the head. For performance

Let's nod the head. For performance Bird.

We get up on tiptoe and we take a deep breath, raising hands over the head, then slowly we exhale, lowering hands to sides.

We relax a neck.

Exercises are carried out sitting on a chair.

Let's nod the head.

For performance of this exercise the chair with a high back is necessary.

We press the head to a chair back, then slowly we incline it serially to the right and left shoulder, then it is weakened it is lowered on a breast.


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Then in one of days

Then in one of days However awareness of own helplessness convinced her to try something other, and it gradually and first simply began to apply approach to test, which we describe in this book.

Then in one of days at the beginning of July of business, it seems, looked black absolutely.

As it was told in chapter , so happens quite often.

Karl and his friend were detained by police and placed in insulator for minor offenders that the burning threw crackers in the passing cars.

By this time Mrs.

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It is clear

It is clearotmechatsya, should address to the pediatrician, the neuropathologist, and if it is required, these doctors will direct the child to other experts the children's psychiatrist, the psychologist, the necessary course will be appointed.

Treatment of neurotic states has to be complex.

Components of this complex: psychotherapy, medicamentous therapy, and in some cases physical therapy.

It is clear that medicamentous therapy is appointed individually to each child and only by the doctor.

Phytogenesis preparations are enough for someone the same valerian, mint peppery or lemon, a St.

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You will

You will And in general as it it cannot stick together a hare!

It after all such nonsense!

And here all attempts to solve a problem are crossed out by one phrase: You have hands hooks.

You will not consult!

Here I never such was!

Than further our childhood leaves us, especially ideal we seem to ourselves.

And liked to study, and always listened to parents, and the grandmother was helped, and were accurate, and simply pleased with themselves the whole world.

And if we recognize that after all were not ideal, with the reservation: time was another.

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I can muffle

I can muffle I represent as it is beautiful mother Endrea told.

I represent as it is beautiful mother Annie told and began to continue the story: Mother Endrea asked: Interestingly, and what your carpet to the touch.

Smooth and silky or soft and fluffy?

Cold, how sheets, or warm, how blanket?

Likely, it causes in you pleasant feelings?


My carpet warm and woolly told Endrea.

I can muffle in it.

And my convenient and cozy Annie told.

I can curl under it up.

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