And even

And even And even if you treat those parents in whom the ideas stated above caused emotional discharge and simplification, can quite test some doubts concerning a rationality of all this.

That is the cornerstone such doubts?

Why transfer of responsibility to the child is so difficult for performance?

We believe that we understand, why discussion of opportunity to grant to the child the right to make mistakes can create such difficulties and even to frighten you.

We think, so occurs because you seek to be the good parent, meaning by it approximately following: It is my duty to look after that my son or my daughter normally developed and behaved quite definitely.

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On what not without

On what not without You and your child in the future Now you already read and, perhaps, practically worked everything that was it is told in this book how it is possible to treat your child differently.

On what not without the bases you can count after master and will pass the program offered you?

As most likely will react to everything this is your child?

In all the recommendations we proceeded from the assumption that in future, say, years through ten you would like to have the good relationship with your child.

Very possibly, what exactly and will be, if you did that we recommended in this book even if to you it was necessary to pass through everything, including the fifth step from chapter !

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While other

While other Nevertheless, in three years Amanta was timid.

Especially in an unfamiliar environment.

At a playground where we left, Amanta with big caution decided to depart at last from me and to play with other children.

While other children carefree froliced, Amanta sat at my feet, watching the events with fear and surprise.

Other mothers looked at me with pity and sympathy.

It is easy to guess that the thought of kindergarten could hardly cause delight in Amanta.

Therefore we with the husband began conversations about a garden in good time.

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However the happiness

However the happiness Behind this car matichesk followed social life and formation ha rakter.

So as a result the child not only became happy, on also began the activities for formation in itself a forehead centuries.

However the happiness is not the only purpose of an obr zovaniye.

The person has to possess independent character and abilities to be ready to work and a sovershenstvova niya in all that depends on it.

In such light the childhood since the moment when arises appears at us the consciousness also starts everything controlling.

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Spasms of organs

Spasms of organs So, the child speaks, words flow a stream as suddenly this stream sharply stops as though its ways are followed by an insuperable barrier, and at once in departments of organs of articulation proiznositelny, respiratory, voice there is a series of movements the most various on the external manifestations.

These movements are involuntary, the child cannot control them.

Spasms of organs of articulation the most characteristic, typical symptom of stutter also belong to such movements.

In a form speech spasms happen clonic and tonic.

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Now we can understand

Now we can understand By means of love of people will also be able to unite everything, that he creates the hands and reason.

Without it everything that it created as it often happens, will bring only chaos and a razrusha niya.

Without it, with increase of its power, anything to it at the appropriate will not remain, everything will collapse.

Now we can understand words sacred: Without love all anything.

Love it is more, than the electricity lighting our darkness, than the radio waves transferring our voices through the space is, more, than any of energiya, which person opened and which learned to use.

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